Last month our paper on organic artificial synapses came out in Nature Materials. This was a very exciting moment for us: finally the work was published and we could hear what others think about this new and exciting addition to the field of neuromorphics.


In fact, one of the first comments was a news and view written by prof. Yoshua Yang (link). He wrote a great summary and explanation of our device, capturing the essence on which our claim to innovation and novelty is based. This was a great honour, especially since Yoshua Yang is a well-know and highly respected professor in the field of neuromorphics.



Somewhat unexpected even, but nonetheless very exciting was the media attention that followed the next day. Especially Dutch media (with an actual article in the national newspaper volkskrant!) but also a great number of tech website in the US approached us and asked for comments on the article. People really seemed to like the idea of improving artificial intelligence and neuromorphic computing and it was not difficult to convince them on the benefits.

However, one thing seemed to be similar throughout media: everyone wants to hear about long-term applications and dreams about the future, which are notoriously hard to predict. But, with the right amount of money, we might get there faster.

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