Interview published in C2W magazine

In C2W magazine an interview with Yoeri about our research on organic neuromorphic materials was published. C2W is a platform for Chemistry and Chemists. Find the interview (in Dutch) here:

Selected to editorial board IOP Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering

Yoeri was selected to serve on the inaugural editorial board for the new IOP journal Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering (NCE):  Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering is a multidisciplinary, open access journal publishing cutting edge research on the design, development and application of artificial neural networks and systems from both a hardware and computational perspective.

Talented Engineer

Yoeri was selected as one of this years’ engineering talents by the magazine “De Ingenieur”. Find the article (in Dutch) here: 

New Issue of MRS Bulletin devoted to Organic Neuromorphic devices

MRS Bulletin’s August issue was guest edited by Alberto Salleo and George Malliaras and features papers on organic neuromorphic devices and applications. Find this issue here and find the tutorial paper by Paschalis and Yoeri here.  A webinar was also held to discuss the recent works, hosted by George Malliaras and questions were answered by the authors. Find the webinar here.

Radio interviews on recent work in Nature Materials

Yoeri was recently interviewed on national radio for the recently published work in Nature Materials.  The interview (in Dutch) on BNR Newsradio can be listened to here: And a mention on NPO Radio 2 here:

Setareh and Yoeri’s paper published in Nature Materials

This work describes a novel device that connect living cells with organic neuromorphic materials. We were able to demonstrate a memory effect based on the neurotransmitter dopamine released by cells. The research was done in collaboration with IIT Italy (group of Francesca Santoro) and Stanford University (group of Alberto Salleo).  Find the paper here and free to read here. 

Enhancement-mode transistors paper was published in Advanced Materials

Scott Keene and Tom van der Pol showed that adding amine-based de-dopants to PEDOT:PSS devices transforms them into enhancement-mode transistors. This work, which was performed in collaboration with Alberto Salleo at Stanford University and Rene Janssen at the department of Chemistry, was published in Advanced Materials.  Additionally, Advanced Science News wrote a news article about our work.