New paper in Science Advances

Eveline’s and Tim’s paper on Hardware implementation of backpropagation using progressive gradient descent for in situ training of multilayer neural networks is now out in Science Advances. The highly predictable tuning characteristics of organic EC-RAM allow us to now train multilayer artificial neural networks directly in hardware.  First authors Eveline Van Doremaele and Tim Stevens found a way to overcome the energy-inefficient storing of the partial derivative of the weights digitally, by sequentially updating each layer in the network directly Read more…

Imke’s final work was published in Nature Communications

Imke’s paper was published in Nature Communications! In this work Imke developed a smart robotic gripper equipped with a small-scale organic neuromorphic circuit. In her final work she developed the neuromorphic robotic gripper to locally integrate and adaptively process multimodal sensory stimuli, enabling it to interact intelligently with its surroundings and learning to avoid dangerous objects. Find, and read, the open access paper here: 

New paper in Nature Communications

Eveline’s and Gianmaria’s paper was published in Nature Communications! In this work Eveline, Gianmaria and co-authors developed a modular spiking circuit that is able to encode light input into spikes that are further modulated by chemical synapses which are tuned by the amount of neurotransmitter available. With this work we open up a path to replicate the interdependent functions of receptors, neurons, and synapses towards retina-inspired sensory coding. Find, and read, the open access paper here:

Yoeri elected as associate editor for Materials Science and Engineering R

Yoeri was selected to serve on the editorial board for the journal Materials Science and Engineering R: Materials Science and Engineering R publishes the full spectrum of materials science and engineering. The journal aims to provide a high level of novelty and quality publishing both experimental and theoretical, providing general background information as well as a critical assessment on topics in a state of flux, providing a critical overview of the current issues in a well-defined area of immediate Read more…

New review paper published in Advanced Functional Materials

A comprehensive review paper by Imke Krauhausen, Charles-Théophile Coen, Simone Spolaor, Paschalis Gkoupidenis and Yoeri van de Burgt entitled Brain-Inspired Organic Electronics: Merging Neuromorphic Computing and Bioelectronics Using Conductive Polymers was published in Advanced Functional Materials.  In this work we review we highlight the challenges related to organic neuromorphic devices and emphasize potential avenues for achieving greater device integration and resolving complex computing tasks. See the paper here: (open access) link.