NWO Gravitation Program Funded

The Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) has funded the Gravitation Program Interactive Polymer Materials (IPM) headed by Jan van Hest and Patricia Dankers.  Our group will work together with Bas Overvelde (AMOLF / TU/e) on a project to develop smart and autonomous robotic systems, that can be optimized for various specific tasks while continuously adapting to their environment and changing input parameters.

Two papers published on novel conductive polymer

In a series of 2 papers published in Advanced Materials and Advanced Functional Materials, Yanxi Zhang, Eveline van Doremaele and a range of collaborators both inside TU/e and out, have demonstrated a novel NDI-based polymer with outstanding properties. We investigated the role of ethylene glycol side chains to optimise its performance for OECTs and neuromorphic devices (link) and demonstrated an adaptive neuromorphic sensor circuit that can locally modulate and classify biosignals, all based on a single material (link). 

Imke’s paper was published in Science Advances

In a collaborative effort between ICMS and Max Planck Institute, together with Stanford, Oxford and more, Imke’s work show how we can train a robot to find its way through a maze using a polymer circuit. We equipped a toy robot with a smart and adaptive electrical circuit made of soft organic materials, similarly to the biological matter. With this bio-inspired approach, they were able to teach the robot to navigate independently through a maze using visual signs for guidance. Find Read more…

Yoeri van de Burgt promoted to Associate Professor

Yoeri has been promoted to Associate Professor at the department of Mechanical Engineering from December 1st 2021. With this new role he hopes to further strengthen his research within the department as well as leading a multidisciplinary research group as a more independent principle investigator (P.I.).  Of course this promotion was not possible without the help of all current and former Neuromorphic Engineering students, postdocs, collaborators as well as friends and family and everyone in the Microsystems section, in particular Read more…

Interview published in Financieel Dagblad

In the Futures magazine of the FD “het Financieel Dagblad”, a report on the status of neuromorphic computing was published which included an interview with Yoeri. Find the interview (in Dutch) here: https://fd.nl/futures/1368069/de-machine-wordt-menselijker