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van de Burgt Research Group | Eindhoven University of Technology

Part of the engineering department, our multidisciplinary research group spans materials science, bioelectronics, electrical engineering and device physics. We focus on organic electronic and neuromorphic materials, with specific applications in adaptable bioelectronics and brain-inspired smart point-of-care diagnostic devices.
Organic Neuromorphic Devices

Organic Neuromorphic Devices

Organic electronic materials offer an attractive option for embedding artificial neural networks in hardware and could provide biocompatible and inexpensive neuromorphic devices with low-energy switching and excellent tunability.

Organic Bioelectronics

Organic Bioelectronics

Organic biocompatible materials and devices can interface with biology and as such adaptable bioelectronics can offer promising solutions for the manipulation and local processing of biological signals spanning from brain-computer-interfaces and robotics to bioinformatics

Smart Robotics

Smart Robotics

In autonomous applications such as smart robotics, where low-power and low-energy are required, dedicated devices and trainable arrays based on organic electronic materials are ideal candidates.

Latest news and updates

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Interview published in C2W magazine

In C2W magazine an interview with Yoeri about our research on organic neuromorphic materials was published. C2W is a platform for Chemistry and Chemists. Find the interview (in Dutch) here:

Interview published in Financieel Dagblad

In the Futures magazine of the FD “het Financieel Dagblad”, a report on the status of neuromorphic computing was published which included an interview with Yoeri. Find the interview (in Dutch) here:

Talented Engineer

Yoeri was selected as one of this years’ engineering talents by the magazine “De Ingenieur”. Find the article (in Dutch) here: